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Far Cry 3 (Eng/Rus) RePack by R.G Mechanics
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2012-11-30 06:58:26 GMT


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Release year : 2012
Genre : Action / 3D / 1st Person
Developer : Ubisoft Montreal
Publisher : Ubisoft
Publication Type : RePack
Language : |
Sound language : |
Tablet : enclosing (RELOADED)

System requirements:
> Operating system : Windows Vista / 7
> Processor : 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo E6700 or 3.00 GHz AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000 + (or better);
> Memory : 2 GB
> Video Card : 512 MB ​​(GeForce 8800 GT / Radeon HD 2900 PRO);
> Sound Card : Sound device compatible with DirectX ® 9.0c
> Free space on hard drive : 15 GB

Description :
  The main character, Jason Brody, goes on vacation with friends at an extraordinarily beautiful tropical island. And then he is held hostage by a band of pirates led by a mad killer Vaasa. From this point on, your task - to survive at any cost. Jason will be embroiled in a bloody war between the pirates and the local rebels, in which the blood lead and drugs flow like water. Some psychopaths fighting with others, and soon the protagonist is no longer able to distinguish the opium dream of mad waking. Crazy Island's crazy anyone set foot on its shores, and you have to be crazy to stay here. Are you insane?


Guys, don't download this. I've downloaded both this RePack and RELOADED version of torrented Far Cry 3. Both installation is good, but when you start the game is something different. Im using an i5 and HD7770 with a 1366x768 monitor, so dont blame my specs (when I can play Skyrim ultra high and witcher 2 ultra w/o ubersampling/AA/SSAO w 60 fps min)
In this repack, whenever there's a cutscene, boom! 1-2 fps. playing tho, Ultra gets me 60 fps. Its just the cutscene. I uninstalled right after escaping from Vaas at the start, it stucks so long there as Will.I.Am rescued you from the river. Get the reloaded, its better. This is okay, just unplayable for me in the cutscenes.
For those who don't know, there is an updated version to this game (from the same uploader) at the following link :

I've used it, and it is excellent !!!
the game crashes after playing for some minutes (about 15 minutes)

my rig :
i7 3770
GTX 560Ti
1TB Hard Drive

is the problem in my system or in the game ?

game :) plus this torrent outdated. latest version of game 1.5
don't keep your hopes too high though ,worst optimization in gaming history :) this 1 and gta4

thank you for answering
so should I download the full version here :

or just patch this upload ?
@strong_soldier & @russianhornybear

Its actually his PC. The game works fine.
@Pixelz50 Alienware is a piece of shit. You heard that ? IT'S A PIECE OF SHIT.
Congratulations on owning a piece of shit PC called Alienware.
Idiot spewing rubbish on the internet, gtfo!
My custom build with a gtx titan will eat your overpriced worthless garbage alienware.
I came here because my sons request. Downloading & installing. Works like charm until restarting & won't continue nor load previous saved games. So I went to to fix this situation.
The conclusion is, you download the repack by R.G Mechanics & update by Reloaded. Beautiful work guys!
Downloaded very fast. +2MPS
Install took about 20 min.

Game works great. Checkpoints are not save points. Haven't tried to update yet, but there is a torrent link in the comments.
I installed english version,playing succesfully,but my audio and voice are not working....
i checked all audio properties in windows 7
please help
Fast as fuck download. Flawless torrent.

I blocked the auto-updater from opening. No problems with checkpoints or manual saves even after restarting, and no crashes after hours of play.

can someone help me? i install this and it works fine but then i patch it to 1.05 with this

and it gives me error code 3 can not find ubisoft game launcher
had problem whit crashing so i did a little search in google and find out that if i set in DX9 insted of DX11 in the game this fix my crashing

now it works good
Game Works perfect. Thanks guys!
Also it Works fine with update 1.05
hi guys, assistance needed!!! i am getting this error during install process roughly between 25-55% completion "Isdone.dll
an error occured while unpacking, archive corrupted! unarc.dll returned and error code -7 ERROR archive data corrupted (decompression fails)"
does anybody have a remedy for this? ive tried force re-checking the torrent several times, and have tried using a dll fixer to install the Isdone.dll and unarc.dll files manually, but after that when i tried to install again it registers another error "Isdone.dll
An unexpected error occured while unpacking: Does not matc: -12
ERROR: file C:Program Files (x86)R.G. MechanicsFar Cry 3data.7z.001 failed CRC check. any help is much appreciated
Save games NOT working, what a waste of fucking time...
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